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About Us

Harbinger Laser is a privately owned company in Cassopolis, Michigan.  We are a very close knit team of artisans, designers, and engineers that work together to create beautiful works of art that come in many forms and are constantly being reinvented.  We blend hand-crafting with advanced laser technology to create unique works of art for your home or office.  Our products are made from start to finish here in our Michigan shop.  We are passionate about keeping our products made in the USA and, because each is made to order, you are sure to get only the highest quality products.  

Here at Harbinger Laser, we pride ourselves in the level of detail and quality of all our products.  We utilize several unique processes to make our maps stand out from the competition.  These processes ensure readibility and clarity of all the text and intricate details of our products.  Our products come ready to use in your home or office.  We are excited to offer you the flexibility to custom tailor our products to become uniquely yours for either your own space, or as a memorable gift for a friend or family member.  Please visit a product page to learn more about us and our products or give us a call to hear about our capabilities.

As our name implies, Harbinger Laser is constantly evolving.  We are always working to bring you the highest quality and most unique products.  Check back often and you're sure to find something you love.