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Keep track of those lazy days at the beach with our 12 inch time clock.  Our seaside clocks do not include a tide option.  Like our multilayered contour maps, our clocks feature a single layer of engraved depth detail within the water, which has been highlighted for the best possible viewing experience, even at a distance.


Our clocks are made from start to finish at our shop in Cassopolis, Michigan.  They are hand drawn by our in-house designers using various reliable cartography sources.  Our industrial laser then cuts and engraves the details of your lake and the clock is hand assembled by our production team.  Our clocks feature quality not seen in our competitors; the attention to detail ensures a beautiful finished product.  Our shores are smooth and free of burning for maximum readability of all text and our unique depth number highlighting process ensures clarity and visibilty of shoreline details, even at a distance.  After assembly, your clock is fitted with a battery operated clock mechanism (batteries not included) and shipped to your home, ready to hang and enjoy.

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